Garth Baxter is noted as a modern traditionalist composer. This is a style that combines the traditions of form and clear melodic writing with the use of contemporary approaches to harmonies and other elements. He has composed works for various performance mediums, ranging from intimate solo and small group settings to larger ensembles such as orchestra and concert band. His compositions have been performed around the world.



February 8, 2018 PARMA Recordings (Navona) released a new album of Garth's instrumental music.
The performers are:

Pianist Andrew Stewart.
Flutist Melissa Wertheimer.
Violinist Nicholas Currie.
Pianist Diana Thompson Greene.
Saxophonist Kenny Baik.
Pianist Bonghee Lee.
The Arabesque Duo (Troy King, Kathrin Murray).
The Azimuth String Quartet (Nicholas Currie, violinist James Tung violist Alice Tung and cellist Adam Gonzalez).
And the West Shore Piano Trio (violinist Heather Haughn, cellist Diana Flesner and pianist Jay DeWire.)

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Was released January 12th 2018 by PARMA Recordings. It will include performances by soprano Jessica Satava, pianist Andres Stewart, Tenor Peter Drackley, Soprano Annie Gill, Soprano Katherine Keem and flutist Melissa Wertheimer. It will include the song cycles Skywriting, Three Poems from Edna St. Vincent Millay, Three Madrigals, Two Last Songs, as well as Nights Without Sleep and Grandmother, think not I forget and the closing aria from the opera Lily, Is this the cost? This has been described as an "exquisite collection of works for voice."

"The songs reveal a very intimate and poetic character....they are delicate, nocturnal works, with pleasing and graceful harmonies, that accompany and elegantly underline the poetic texts."
Luciano Feliciani, Kathodik

"There are many lovely things on this recording of songs by Garth Baxter about loss and memory and of marrying words to music. Most are sad, and the composer's idiom is simple, straightforward, old-fashioned romantic, but in each Baxter's ear for matching the rhythm and sense of the verse quickly allows him to identify the central point of emotional interest at which his inspiration and the singer's art intersect."
Laurence Vittes
Gramophone Magazine, May 2018


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The recording Katherine Keem Sings Songs and Arias by Garth Baxter is now available from Centaur Records. This includes a number of art songs for voice and piano as well as some for voice and guitar. Also, there are 5 arias from the opera Lily. The artists on this release are Katherine Keem, Soprano; Andrew Stewart, Piano; Kathrin Murray, guitar; and Peter Scott Drackley, Tenor.

Katherine Keem Sings Songs and Arias by Garth Baxter

"{This} release by composer Garth Baxter and performed by Katherine Unha Keem , soprano; Andrew Stewart, piano; Kathrin Murray, guitar; Peter Scott Drackley , tenor, features From the Heart: Three American Womens, {which} is a significant contribution to the guitar and voice repertoire with nine songs in the collection as well the 2 Songs of Reflection."
Bernard Werner

Other Recordings

The Four Songs from Twelfth Night is included on the release

Chords and Strings, Centuries of Songs for Voice and Guitar from Lil Red Hen Records

Suzi More, Soprano; Daryl Hester, Guitar

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