Garth Baxter is noted as a modern traditionalist composer. This is a style that combines the traditions of form and clear melodic writing with the use of contemporary approaches to harmonies and other elements. He has composed works for various performance mediums, ranging from intimate solo and small group settings to larger ensembles such as orchestra and concert band. His compositions have been performed around the world.

Theater and Film Music

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Theater Music

The Four Songs from Twelfth Night YouTube

Words by William Shakespeare.

8 minutes, Difficulty varies. Les Productions D'Oz.

Each of the songs are written in a low key so that they can be easily raised to whatever key is necessary for the vocalist through the use of a capo for the guitarist.

  1. O Mistress Mine YouTube

    Light hearted love song. Folk-like, up-tempo.

    Guitar can capo up to allow the singer to sing in a higher key.

    Difficulty: Easy.

  2. Come Away, Come Away Death YouTube

    Two and a half minutes, Upper beginning for voice, lower intermediate for guitarist.

    Tongue in cheek sad song of a pathetic soul in love.

    Two verses in strophic form. Introduction, ending and an interlude are all the same music for the guitar.

  3. I Am Gone Sir YouTube

    1 minute, Upper beginning level.

    Humorous song sung by the jester.

    Through-composed but ends with same music as it begins with.

  4. When That I Was and a Little Tiny Boy YouTube

    Fun, folk-like ending to the play. Guitar part can either play chords or a more interesting written accompaniment.

    Guitar can capo up to allow the singer to sing in a higher key.

    Difficulty: Easy.

Music Set to Fragmented Lyrics Referenced in Twelfth Night

  1. Hold thy peace - Anonymous

    Act II, Scene III, line 67

  2. Three Merry Men Be We - Garth Baxter

    Act II, Scene III, line 76

  3. There Dwelt a Man in Babylon - Garth Baxter

    Act II, scene III, line 78

  4. O' the Twelfth Day of December - Garth Baxter

    Act II, scene III, line 85

  5. Farewell, Dear Heart - Robert Jones (c. 1600)

    Act II, scene III, line 103

  6. Hey Robin, Jolly Robin - Garth Baxter

    Act IV, scene II, line 75

Music to La Casa de Bernarda Alba (The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca)

  1. Ovejita YouTube

    Published by Les Productions, d'OZ

    Song sung by Maria Josefa in Act III

  2. Little Lamb YouTube

    Published by Les Productions, d'OZ

    Ovejita in English (translation by Emily Mann)

Film Music

A film by Ryan Brod and Daniel Sites

Mr. Baxter worked with Amit Kumar on several music selections for this documentary about ice fishing in Maine.