Garth Baxter is noted as a modern traditionalist composer. This is a style that combines the traditions of form and clear melodic writing with the use of contemporary approaches to harmonies and other elements. He has composed works for various performance mediums, ranging from intimate solo and small group settings to larger ensembles such as orchestra and concert band. His compositions have been performed around the world.

Orchestra, Concert/Symphonic
Band Compositions

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La Sagesse

8 minutes. Intermediate to upper intermediate difficulty (due to rhythms and changing meters) Alymar Publications, $35

This work was commissioned by the Frederick Youth Orchestra.

It was the winner in the 2013 Orchestra music competition held by the Baltimore Philharmonia Orchestra.

Powerful work in sonata form. A strong opening melody in strings is followed by a lyrical melody played by the oboe. This is followed by important melodic transitional material. The development section features a new melody which stems from the second theme. The work is concluded by a lengthy and powerful coda.

Luxembourg Gardens (le Jardin du Luxembourg)

For symphonic band. 7 minutes. Alymar Publications $35 score and parts.

A fun "waltz" that depicts the variety and beauty of the famous park in Paris. One can almost see the merry-go-round when listening to one of the themes. The work is in ternary form-the first theme is original but the second theme is based on the Catalan folk song Le Noy de la Mare. The instrumentation is colorful-mixing the variety of timbres available to the symphonic band with an approach that is influenced by orchestral scoring.